Let Alexa help you build your English skills with Little Bridge Study Buddy!

Winner of Judges Choice in the Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge 2020

In Little Bridge everyone gets to make new international DigiPals and practise important communication skills.

With Alexa, we’re providing every DigiPal with their own targeted, virtual language tutor and special communication 'friend'.


How does it work?


Learning a language is a multi-skilled experience. You need to listen and speak as well as read and write

The words and phrases that you’re most likely to want to learn and remember, are those you want to use

And this will be different for everyone, depending on who you  are and where you  are on your learning journey

Every word and phrase you learn and practise with your Study Buddy are selected for you based on your progress in Little Bridge

  • Every DigiPal builds their very own, personalised Word Bank (or Alexicon!) in Little Bridge
  • Win Lingos to spend on your DigiPal avatar and profile
  • Get bonus Lingos when you use the words and phrases you’ve been learning and practising with your Study Buddy in you messages to your DigiPals!

Ask Alexa to connect you with your Little Bridge Study Buddy and start learning new words and phrases!

Our Alexa skill supports children to communicate in English, autonomously and successfully.