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How to solve a problem like the EdTech pioneers

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by Hannah Senel-Walp. Originally published on Pamoja Education on Oct 15, 2018 Having left the classroom last year to join an EdTech business, I was keen to listen to the experiences of two EdTech entrepreneurs at the inaugural community networking event organised by Tmrw Digital last month. The event, held one evening in a bar in central London, […]

Asking questions

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The centuries-old image of classroom interaction is of the teacher asking questions and students answering them. Most teachers nowadays recognise that this is unsatisfactory, but it is especially unsatisfactory for language learning. In any language, one of the fundamental points of grammar that any student must get to grips with is how to form questions. […]

A Little Bridge student smiling, learning English with Little Bridge teachers

How to flip the classroom using game-based learning

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Paul Rogers, award-winning author of Little Bridge, explains how game-based learning helps teachers and students prepare for more productive and effective lessons.  Effective learning happens when you are fully involved in what you are doing. Similarly, when you want to get the most out of reading a book or watching a film, giving it your full attention makes all the difference. But when […]

The DigiPals App, for students, teachers and families who want to learn English

DigiPals to the rescue!

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Imagine you have a beginners’ class. They know how to ask somebody’s name and have just learned how to say how old they are and to ask someone else their age. The key to becoming really confident with this new language –with any new language – and to prevent their forgetting it as soon as […]

What about phonics?

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How useful is it to incorporate phonics, so central these days to the teaching of English as a first language, into the teaching of English to speakers of other languages? For children with English as a first language, the main function of phonics is to help them learn how to read: in other words, to […]

What is it about songs?

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Few will question the value that songs can bring to language teaching, yet it’s intriguing to consider why they are so effective. To have an entire class singing a set text in unison can by no means be described as communicative. So why – beyond the fact that most students enjoy music – does it […]