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Job Title: Frontend Developer
Reports to: CTO
Department: Engineering
Location: London
Are you looking for a purposeful role developing products that make a real difference in helping children around the world learn and grow? If so, look no further! 

Who are we?
Little Bridge is an award winning children’s technology company, based in White City, London. Our platform connects children aged 6-12 years from around the globe, through learning English - a key 21st century skill.
We offer a unique social learning experience, helping children to make international friends, build important communication skills, along with curiosity, collaboration - and kindness. For children who don't have English as a first language, Little Bridge provides pedagogically-proven content that delivers extremely successful language learning. Taking cues from the gaming and social media industries, and combining our background in education and children’s content, we create highly-engaging products that children, parents and teachers across the world trust and love.

English language learning is a £22bn market. To date, our customers have been mainly governments and schools, and we have served over 2 million users in 100+ countries. Now we are making Little Bridge available to families around the globe. You will be part of the team that migrates our platform to become fully mobile, creating an increasingly personalised experience, with responsive, customised interventions to support every child, no matter where they are or what device they are using.


General Summary of this role
We’re looking for a genuinely passionate and creative engineer with a track record in building innovative, reliable and performant frontend applications, working as part of a team of software engineers . You will work closely with our product team to create innovative web based applications, including the expansion of features for our social platform. As we continue to develop the P2P components of Little Bridge, we will make our product even more interactive and social with responses that learn with the child.


Technical Skills
● Strong HTML5/CSS
● Strong knowledge of JavaScript and asynchronous programming
● Experience using JavaScript frameworks like Vue with REST APIs
● Experience with PWA technologies including service workers
● Experience with TDD / BDD
● Strong knowledge of web and JS development tools and build processes.


Company Values
● Honesty & High Integrity: we believe in trust above all things. This means we will always put the safety of children and their best interests at the core of all decisions, and keep our word to users, parents, teachers, colleagues, and others in the Little Bridge family
● Kindness: we believe everything can be communicated kindly, and are committed to cultivating a friendly and supportive environment
● Health, Wellbeing & Balance: we believe life is precious and that a person’s emotional,mental and physical well being are important for them to be successful both at Little Bridge
and ‘home’. We encourage our team to create an optimal work/life combination
● Joy: we value having fun and love what we do. We also believe happy people are the most powerful and effective people in the world and so we prioritise looking after each other
emotionally and design this into our personal development and ways of working
● Growth: we believe it’s important to always be learning and growing as individuals and as an organisation, so actions to contribute to learning and growth are fundamental to our culture,especially as a learning company
● Innovation and change: we value innovation across the organisation and share new ideas across functions. We believe in collaborating to co-create together, we are all comfortable being ‘wrong’ and changing direction when we learn something new
● Committed to excellence: we hold ourselves and our work to very high standards and are willing to put in the effort needed to achieve agreed ambitions and goals, we aim to go above and beyond expectations


Qualities and Competencies for this role:
● Strong alignment with values (see above)
● Excited to continue developing new/existing skills and attributes, and taking actions to further their personal/professional growth and development
● Curious and technology obsessed, bringing the latest geeky trends to the team and facilitating knowledge exchange to contribute to the existing tech innovation in the team
● An intuitive understanding of web technologies, big data and internet scale architectures
● Vision and an appreciation of business commercials are essential
● Strong communicator and able to manage expectations and communicate changes with an understanding of commercial impacts
● An ambitious self-starter, used to working with a relatively small team and in a non-hierarchical environment
● Strongly performance orientated, will embrace autonomy but also accountability to very high standards, will enjoy being measured against high performers
● Ability to work to tight deadlines
● Pragmatic, logical and will make decisions based on the best interests of users, the business, and with short-term goals rooted in the “big picture”
● Organised with the ability to implement structured systems and processes whilst allowing sufficient flexibility for a culture of innovation to flourish
● Will be an innovator at heart – willing and able to take well-managed risks
● Will be culturally sensitive and a real ‘team builder’
● Strong linguistic and interpersonal intelligence, ideally has experience managing technical teams
● A good sense of humour is a definite +!


● Competitive package with potential for options for the right candidate
● Bring your dog to work!
● Flexible working
● Join the team at a transformative time in the development of our internal technical capability, a real opportunity to work with our management to build the team
● Work with smart, talented and resourceful group of individuals insanely passionate about making a quality social and educational experience accessible for kids around the world!


Think you’d be great at this job, but don’t tick all the boxes here? We still want to hear from you! Our existing team come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, and we understand that not every skill can be quantified into a neat bullet point on a job description. Get in touch and let us know why you think you’d be a great addition to our team.


How to apply:

Email us directly at