Little Bridge for Refugees - helping every child to learn English


Little Bridge is working with schools, Local Authorities and NGOs across the UK to deliver Little Bridge to refugee children and their families, free of charge.

Imad Alarnab & the Little Bridge Refugee Project

Who is eligible for a free Premium Little Bridge Account?

Schools*  with refugee children

NGOs* who work with refugee children and their families

Local Authorities* who work with refugee children and their families

*Must be UK based

Case Studies

Shireland Collegiate Academy

Download the Shireland Collegiate Academy Case Study here

Springfield School

Download the Springfield School Case Study here

Family learning with Little Bridge in Shireland Collegiate Academy

How to sign up

Step 1: Fill in our application form

Click here to fill in our application form

We will assess your application and will be in touch asap.

Step 2: Book a training session

Use our YouTube videos, or book an online training session

Our online training sessions are held on Mondays between 10am - 12noon.

We use GoToMeeting for our training sessions. Training sessions take 1 hour.



What devices can I use on?

Little Bridge is not currently available on tablets or mobile devices.
We will be launching our new mobile-friendly product next year.
In the meantime, please use Little Bridge on desktop computers or laptops.


Who needs to attend the training session?

Anyone who will be using the administrative functions of Little Bridge, or anyone who will be using Little Bridge directly with the refugee children and their families.


How do I get started?

Fill in the form above and we will assess your application.
If successful, we will create a Premium Little Bridge Account for you.
You will need to sign into the administrator site, to create the log ins for your refugee children. Each child needs their own username and password.
You can see videos of how to create a student account, and other tutorial videos, on our YouTube channel.


What’s the best way to use Little Bridge to support the refugee children I’m working with?

Ideally, we would like to work directly with the school the refugee child is attending.
That way, the child can use Little Bridge both at school and at home.
If you are a Local Authority or an NGO, please reach out to the schools and direct them to this page.
If working directly with the school isn’t possible, don’t worry, we can still provide you with access to a free Premium Little Bridge Account. 


I’m a school, can I use Little Bridge with other non-refugee students?

Absolutely! You are welcome to use Little Bridge with as many students as you like, refugee or otherwise. Infact, we highly recommend you use Little Bridge with as many students as possible. Read our case studies to see how Little Bridge can benefit your school.
And of course, so long as you are supporting refugees in your school, we will not charge you for your Premium Account.


Can you visit my school / organisation for a training session?

Possibly! We can do onsite training for large groups within the M25. Contact us at for more information.


How does the online training work?

We use Skype for our online training. To participate in an online training session,  you will need the following:
- a computer / laptop with a microphone and speakers (or headphones with a microphone)
- a reliable internet connection
- Skype installed on your computer
- a Skype account


For press enquiries, please contact