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Little Bridge is created by a team of education and technology experts and delivers results for children across the globe
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Some of our projects:
  • Practise English in real time with real people! Children can make international friends online safely, in a strictly moderated community. Little Bridge encourages safe online behaviours, whilst blocking any compromising or dangerous actions like sharing personal information.
  • Rapidly build important competences, including a rich lexicon, and develop fluency with language structures they want to use and remember, as well as covering key content/themes required for standardised tests and international exams.
  • 95% of children think learning English is more fun with Little Bridge
  • 95.7% of children had increased confidence in listening and understanding
  • 93.7% increased confidence in writing
  • Students scored on average 70% better than control groups in the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • 90% students logged in at least once a week
  • 68% students spend 30 mins in Little Bridge per visit
  • 50% students visit Little Bridge more than 4 times a week
  • 83% parents had a ‘very good’ experience with Little Bridge.


‘There are many foreign children in the community and our students are eager to make friends with them’
– Teacher, China

  • This school has an incredibly diverse cohort, with 80% of the children speaking English as an Additional Language.
  • One of the most exciting areas of Little Bridge success in the school has been with the parental ESOL project.
Our methodology

There are a lot of ‘buzz words’ as well as conflicting theories about how best to learn a new language. We’re happy to share the fundamental principles that underpin the Little Bridge approach:

First, we use ‘immersion’. This means we invite children into the English-speaking world of Little Bridge. We engage their imagination as they really get to know the people and places, follow the stories of daily life and adventures there, and begin to feel a part of this ‘reality’. Indeed, children tell us that they think of the characters in Little Bridge as ‘friends’. Everything the child experiences in Little Bridge is in English (though we do offer them the chance to hear important instructions in their own language) and, in the earlier skills levels, we support phonological awareness – all designed to help children develop their ‘ear’ for English.

Second, we ‘reinforce’ language acquistion through listening and speaking, then through reading and writing. Little Bridge is designed to emulate the experience of actually being in an English-speaking environment – even more important in these COVID-19 restricted times. We make sure that the language children encounter is constantly revisited and reused, so that it really becomes embedded in their memory. And every child can progress at their own pace and with their own language accumulation, thanks to the algorithms we are developing, to give fully ‘adaptive’ pathways, leading every child toward success.

But third, and what really makes a difference, is that from Day 1 children learning English in Little Bridge have the opportunity, of using the English they are learning in a real context. Over the past 5 years, we have developed a (strictly-moderated) social community of children aged 6-12 years, who enjoy making friends internationally. This community, called ‘DigiPals’, includes those who are native English speakers along with those who are rapidly acquiring English skills with Little Bridge. Suddenly, the whole reason for learning English becomes real and exciting! And as our academic research (see below) shows – regularly participating in safe messaging, in Little Bridge’s DigiPals community, significantly impacts learning outcomes.

Finally, Little Bridge also supports the adults who are helping children to learn English. We know, because you’ve told us, that you want to understand what and how they are doing in Little Bridge. Our Parent and Teacher dashboards are carefully created to provide the information you need and to enable you to manage their accounts with us. We believe that digital safety can’t be taken lightly. But we also know that digital solutions like Little Bridge can empower children to expand their worlds and achieve their goals.

That's why our mission is to help children go further than ever by bringing them closer together!

Little Bridge is excited to have won a competitive tender to supply our platform to children in Uruguay in 2021 via the impressive Plan Ceibal.

  • Winner of the EDUCATE EDward for Evidence Applied, Little Bridge studied millions of lines of anonymoius ‘userdata’ and interviewed parents, teachers and children across the globe and could demonstrate the strong correlation between regular participation in the DigiPals community and the number of learning activities successfully completed and achieving the highest scores.
  • EDUCATE is a rigorous and comprehensive training programme, designed and operated by UCL London, to help start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and educators to develop, evaluate and improve their products and services with the use of research-based evidence.

Little Bridge has been supporting the Mexican Ministry of Education to address the challenge of school closures during these difficult times.

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