Little Bridge has delivered results for children across the globe and was created by a team of education and technology experts

Ministry of Education projects in South America


Ministry of Education, Chile
  • 95% of children think learning English is more fun with Little Bridge
  • 95.7% of children had increased confidence in listening and understanding
  • 93.7% increased confidence in writing
Ministries of Education, Chile & Mexico

In studies of significant projects with Ministries of Education in Mexico and Chile, students scored on average 70% better than control groups in the four key skills listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Independent Educational Institution Reports


UK State School, West Midlands

Conducted a study measuring Little Bridge student's progress (using the Salford Reading Test):

  • Five pupils made 18 months progress in 8 months.
  • One pupil made 35 months progress after just 25 hours of using Little Bridge; an average of 1.4 months progress for each hour!
Primary School, China

Following a pilot with a public school (primary):

  • 90% students logged in at least once a week
  • 68% students spend 30 mins in Little Bridge per visit
  • 50% students visit Little Bridge more than 4 times a week
  • 83% parents had a ‘very good’ experience with Little Bridge

‘There are many foreign children in the community and our students are eager to make friends with them’

‘We teachers believe that interest is the best teacher. Most students think Little Bridge is full of fun. They are inspired to finish the tasks‘

Winner of the EDUCATE EDward for Evidence Applied

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