Front covers of Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4, UK and US versions, featuring a street scene as Toby leaves Little Bridge in a blue car and his friends, including David and Domino, wave goodbye.
Inside pages from Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4, Unit 6, featuring the 'Then and now' board game, a poem and a fill-the-gap writing activity .Inside pages from Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4, featuring a comprehension activity based on an email from Toby telling Toby about his new home in the city, a crossword and an exercise to help you to describe what your home is like.Inside pages from Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4, Unit 3, showing a board game to practise 'biggest' and 'smallest'Inside pages from Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4, Unit 8, showing a scene from a fancy dress party, with all the characters in costumes including a monster, a pirate and a spaceman, including a Guessing Game with audio, a True or False questionaire and an invitation for you to choose what you think is the best Little Bridge fancy dress costume and to say why.

Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4


Available in UK and US English



Product Description

Learn English with Little Bridge Activity Books, designed to complement the Little Bridge online program.
  • Develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in over 140 fun & engaging activities
  • Read stories and poems about your favourite Little Bridge characters
  • Enjoy carefully structured poems and dialogues with Little Bridge characters
  • Discover lots of interesting things about an English speaking world
  • Enjoy and join in with the Little Bridge songs
  • Engaging pair work, group work and individual study
  • Motivating games and puzzles
  • Learn effectively alongside the online Little Bridge program with clear software references on every page
Little Bridge Activity Book Level 4 is available in UK or US English. Please select.
For more details on the language skills, vocabulary and grammar covered in this book, please go to the FAQ section of this website and view the ‘Scope and Sequence’ documents.
Little Bridge Activity Books are designed to be used alongside the downloadable resources available in the Premium School Account’s LMS. They are not designed for students learning independently at home. Choose Little Bridge Home Books for children learning English at home.

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