Cover image of the Little Bridge Level 4 Teacher's Guide, with Toby in a car, leaving Little Bridge and his friendswaving goodbye. David and Domino are in the foreground.
Inside page from the Little Bridge Level 4 Teacher's GuideAn inside page from the Little Bridge Level 4 Teacher's Guide.

Little Bridge Level 4 Teacher’s Guide


Get the most out of Little Bridge with these easy-to-read Teacher’s Guides.


Product Description

Little Bridge Level 4 Teacher’s Guide will help you get the most out of your Little Bridge Premium School Account.

Packed with great ideas to inspire!

For each Little Bridge Level, the Teacher’s Guide includes:
  • Full lesson plans, including key structures, vocabulary and materials needed
  • Detailed ‘Scope and Sequence’ information
  • Ideas on how to combine digital, games-based and print materials for effective ‘flipped’ learning
  • Transcripts of the downloadable audio resources, including poems, dialogues and stories
  • Complete word list for the pupil/student Activity Books
  • Answers for activities and puzzle solutions
  • A multitude of handy hints and fun references to key cultural concepts
  • Map and character descriptions to keep you informed about life in Little Bridge
  • Suggestions on how to use the DigiPals community to encourage your students to engage in real communication

Whether you are encouraging classwork, teamwork, pair work or individual study –  create engaging, challenging lessons with Little Bridge!

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