Email us any time with questions on our methodology and values

Emma Rogers | CEO

Emma has been a teacher and a children's book author and illustrator. She can tell you about the stories in our product, the values they teach, and the power of imagination and creativity on children's learning. She will also tell you more about the Little Bridge community - how it brings children together from aroung the globe and gives them a real reason to learn English.

Paul Rogers | Author

Paul is our pedagogy expert and the author of Little Bridge. He is our lead teacher trainer and has 40+ years of classroom / education experience. He can help you find the most powerful way to use Little Bridge in your context and answer any questions about methodology, international standards and curriculum alignment. He can also give you some great classroom tips for making learning English really fun for young children.

Nigel Forward

Nigel created the architecture our technology and supervises our platform. He can make sure you understand the technical requirements for using our product in your context. He can answer any questions about the adaptability and safety of our platform.

Layla Yarjani

Layla works across our team, ensuring operations run smoothly, and with external stakeholders, developing partnerships. You can reach out to her to explore working together.

Josh Rogers

Josh has shaped many collaborations with governments and schools around the globe. If you're interested in Little Bridge, he can help create a plan that works for your context. He's also happy to talk to potential local distribution partners for Little Bridge.

Sarah White

Sarah is our product designer and helps our customers get started with Little Bridge. If you have any customer queries or adminstrator issues, she can help.

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