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Want to help your child learn English? Need advice on keeping your child safe while they start their social media journey? You’ve come to the right place! The Little Bridge blog is written by our team of education experts. They share their tips and tricks to help your child learn English quickly and effectively, while having fun too. 

Our blog writers include Paul Rogers, author of Little Bridge. Paul has over 30 years experience in writing children’s books and language learning courses. A keen linguist, Paul shares his unique insights into language learning, and top tips on how to support your child to learn English.

Find out more about the unique social methodology the Little Bridge platform uses to boost learning outcomes. 

We love to talk! If you have any questions about the Little Bridge platform or our blogs, (or if you have a suggestion for our blogs!) please reach out to us. Our expert team is always happy to help!

Want to learn more about the Little Bridge business? Emma Rogers, co-founder of Little Bridge, has a blog on Medium where you can learn more about the Little Bridge company and vision.