Flip your classroom with Little Bridge!

Engage and challenge

First, inspire your students with Little Bridge's fun, structured and hugely varied activities. Create active, positive learners!


Encourage students to discover new language and to practise in their own time, at their own pace - with immediate feedback from their 'digital workbook'

Repurpose class time

Focus on follow-up and support. Introduce reflection and discussion, with a wealth of extension and evaluation materials (digital and print)


Provide language in a real context with the thrill of communication. Introduce students to other young learners of English in the unique DigiPals community!

Monitor and manage

Get a real-time view of progress with the Little Bridge LMS. You can follow achievements, spot problems and diversify and extend learning - for every student!


Choose from a range of Little Bridge assessment tools (on and offline).

Prepare students for success in internationally recognised tests

See what practising teachers and their students say